António de Castro

Small enterprises are like stumbling Octopusses

When I see myself looking at an octopus, my mind is almost automatically set to see a small enterprise: a unique and self empowered mind that claims as it rightful ability the command and heading of the multiple arms and operations of that living organism, composed and built upon the employees and their every day performing tasks. As one could easily foresee, the variety and different typology of the different tasks, easily drains the human ability to single handed coordinate, verify, analyse and execute each and every one of them.

Given the constant and everlasting diversified movement of the global and parallel tasks performed simultaneously, the easy and most likely scenario is to get lost in perspective and skid into small and errant overdue routines and tasks, lack of efficiency and dynamics and a global feeling that by now stops the octopus of moving on, or provides it with movement trend that keeps making it falling or stumble: the immediate and necessary task management gets twirled into infinite knots, dangling from a perpetual battle between priorities.

This organizational octopus, filled with extensions, each one of them provided with single skills and individual authonomy, must delegate and deliver the micro-tasking management to that particular end pilot, placing the octopus brain in a more strategy driven thinking and development activity, close to the future goals road map strategy. Who else can perform best the daily management tasks than the every day problem solvers? The task engine can free up mind resources and act on a daily basis, more focused on the execution and less on planning, building up a multidisciplinary distinguished organic company. The roles within a company can’t be equal and can’t be dealt by everyone at the same time. On the other side, no man is God and even the most skilled and hard working manager has to know when and where to stop and hand control over the different departments and knowledge activities.

Following this 2 way strategy, we can have a mind our group of minds that set the everyday and the long run course, and we can have strong individuals that set up the pace of the hard-working daily challenges. So, if you feel your company is an octopus, spend more time dealing with strategy and deliver more power and authority to those who operate the tentacles that make your machine operate every single day.

António de Castro
Social Media Manager


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